Diagnostic Assessment Program

Having suspicions about symptoms that could be caused by cancer, to being diagnosed with cancer, can be a confusing part of the cancer journey. During this time, you may need to have many tests and appointments with several health care professionals.

To help you through this experience, the Mississauga Halton Central West Regional Cancer Program has established Diagnostic Assessment Programs (DAPs) at Halton Healthcare, Trillium Health Partners and William Osler Health System. DAPs provide one place for patients to meet with different health care professionals for a diagnosis about their suspicious symptoms. DAPs offer:

• Diagnostic work-up that is coordinated and arranged for the patient and their health care provider.

• Rapid diagnostic work-up and shorter wait times for patients.

• A patient-centred approach to care. The nurse navigator supports the psycho-social and educational needs of the patient.

• A specialized team of committed health care providers that work closely together to ensure high-quality care.
Find out more about the DAPs across Mississauga Halton and Central West: