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Health Literacy Toolkit 
What is Health Literacy?
Health Literacy is a person's ability to obtain, process, understand and apply health information in order to make decisions in everyday life.  This includes health care, dissease prevention and lifestyle choices that help to maintain or improve one's quality of life.
How to mitigate the effects of low health literacy
In consultation with the Oncology staff at Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre, the tools featured in the attachment below have been developed to raise awareness about existing best practices and assist healthcare providers in addressing health literacy disparities. 




Recommendations for the Delivery of Psychosocial Oncology Services in Ontario

cover of psychosocial oncology report with two people holding hands

 CCO-PsychosocialOncologyReport.pdfPsychosocialOncologyReport.pdf (12 MB)



MHCW Regional Cancer Program Strategic Plan 2018-2020

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Please read more about our four strategic priorities that will help guide us together towards a better cancer care system over the next few years.