Treatment Toolbox


Many people living with cancer struggle with the physical and emotional effects of their illness and treatment. Regardless of where they are in their cancer journey, patients sometimes need help to manage their pain, nausea, anxiety or other symptoms. The Ontario Cancer Symptom Management Collaborative was established to improve the quality and consistency of managing cancer patient’s symptoms.

How does Cancer Care Ontario help?

Cancer Care Ontario has developed tools and information for patients and healthcare providers to improve care at every step of the way.

  • Ontario Cancer Symptom Management Collaborative brings together a variety of experts from across the province to promote earlier identification, documentation and communication of patients’ symptoms. This leads to optimized symptom management and collaborative care planning.
  • Symptom control information sheets for patients and their families outline steps to prevent and reduce side effects from chemotherapy. Go to Drug Information for Patients to search for information sheets.
  • Evidence-based guidelines help healthcare providers and patients make decisions about appropriate care for specific clinical circumstances.
  • Symptom Management Guides to Practice help healthcare professionals assess and appropriately manage a patient's cancer-related symptoms. 

    Source: Cancer Care Ontario Website, 2013