Thoracic DAP


New Referral Entry Criteria for Thoracic Diagnostic Assessment Program
Cancer Care Ontario has released new referral entry criteria for the Thoracic Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP), so as to standardize current inconsistencies in Lung/Thoracic DAPs across Ontario.
The Mississauga Halton Central West Regional Cancer Program has existing Thoracic DAPs at Credit Valley Hospital (since 2008) and Brampton Civic Hospital (since 2015). The Thoracic DAP aims to capture patients with any suspicion of lung cancer, gastro esophageal cancers or other thoracic malignancies. DAPs expedite the diagnostic process for patients who have a suspicion for cancer.

The following are Cancer Care Ontario's appropriate reasons to refer your patient to a Thoracic DAP:
•A solitary pulmonary nodule or mass;
•A non-peripheral pulmonary nodule or mass;
•Multiple pulmonary nodules;
•Mediastinal and/or hilar adenopathy;
•Hoarseness with lung mass or adenopathy;
•Non-resolving pleural effusions with lung lesions;
•Lung mass with obvious metastatic disease (bone pain, jaundice, weight loss greater than 10% body weight);
•Persistent non-massive hemoptysis;
•Known lung malignancy;
•Superior vena cava (SVC) syndrome/obstruction;
•Slowly or non-resolving pneumonia or consolidation;
•Patients with a radiographic abnormality and infectious symptoms should recieve one cycle of antibiotics and a follow-up chest x-ray after one month. If not resolved after one month follow-up and lung cancer suspected, the patient should be referred to the Thoracic DAP.

It is also requested that an abnormal chest X-Ray and/or CT be sent with the referral.
Download the Thoracic DAP referral form for Trillium Health Partners and William Osler Health System.