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Top Performer Recognition for MHCW Regional Cancer Program and William Osler Health System
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Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre Radiation Oncology: Left to Right - Dr. Senti Senthelal, Dr. Luluel Khan, Dr. Yongjin Wang, Dr. Sarah Rauth, Dr. JD Lian, Dr. Anthony Brade, Dr. Jonathan Tsao, Dr. Jasper Yuen 
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Left to Right: Jinny Sharma, Regional Coordinator, MHCW Regional Cancer Program; David Girard, Regional Manager, MHCW Regional Cancer Program; Dr. Kashif Irshad, Chief of Division of Thoracic Surgery, William Osler Health System; Joe-Anne McCue, Director DI and Lab, William Osler Health System; Dr. Henry Conter, Medical Director, Oncology, William Osler Health System; Patricia Mosnia, Program Director, Oncology, William Osler Health System; Farah Khan, Regional Director, MHCW Regional Cancer Program
Cancer Care Ontario has recently recognized the Mississauga Halton Central West Regional Cancer Program and partner hospital organization William Osler Health System as Top Performers in 2016/17:
Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre:
Top Performing Regional Cancer Centre and Regional Cancer Program for Percentage of Radical Radiation Courses Peer Reviewed. This recognition showcases the success of the multidisciplinary approach to radical case review as part of the peer review process that is imbedded into the radiation treatment program.
William Osler Health System:
Top Performing Facility for OBSP Wait Times - time from abnormal screen to diagnosis for cases with tissue biopsy. This recognition showcases the importance of a quick diagnosis, which helps reduce anxiety for participants and allows treatment to begin more quickly, potentially improving outcomes.
William Osler Health System was also acknowledged for exceeding the provincial annual improvement target for wait times for people undergoing a potential lung cancer diagnosis. 
For more information on William Osler Health System's recognition, please visit their website.